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Take your nails to the next level with Boujie Bee Nail Polish Wraps! They are super easy to apply and come in different styles.

Forget spending hours at a salon, spending all that money and time...and needing to wear a mask! Application takes minutes, and there is NO drying time! These are Simple, Fashionable and Convenient for anyone looking to change there nail color or design in a flash! Environmentally Friendly Non-toxic Kid Friendly Long Lasting Adhesive Designed to be affordable and can be change frequently to match with clothing.

And......Each set lasts 7-14 Days

 Each pack comes with a nail file and a style stick with one sharp edge and one flat to help get any air bubbles out and press the stickers down to hold.

To apply, simply wipe your nails with alcohol, file, and smooth, then choose the appropriate size nail strip for each nail. Remove the transparent protective layer and raise the nail sticker by holding the silver strip. Place the rounded side at the nail base sticky side down and firmly smooth the nail surface until wrinkle free. Remove the excess nail strip along the edge of the finger with a file. 

It is SO, SO easy!

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